edigital.hu Site Value and Price

We estimate the value of edigital.hu is currently at $87,274, and it reaches around 1,731,659 unique users each month with 3,636,483 monthly pageviews.

The estimated monthly revenue for edigital.hu is $3,636

According to Alexa, the Global Traffic Rank is 55,531 and the Rank in the Hungary is 122.

Daily Stats

Unique Visitors 57,722
Revenue (From Ads) $121
Unique Pageviews 121,216

Monthly Stats

Unique Visitors 1,731,659
Revenue (From Ads) $3,636
Unique Pageviews 3,636,483

Yearly Stats

Unique Visitors 20,779,904
Revenue (From Ads) $43,637
Unique Pageviews 43,637,799

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Website Summary

Domain Name edigital.hu
Alexa Rank 55,531
Top CountryHungary 🇭🇺
Rank country 122
Link Popularity 213